Tips and Tricks for An Effective Essay Writing   

Essay or Academic writing can often be dreaded and tiresome task among the students. Whether it is for an assignment or a scholarship, students find it overwhelming. Especially at the end of semesters, these essay writing works pile up are very stressful for a student who aims at scoring well in the examinations. Today, with essay writing getting popular on internet, service companies like deliver custom written essays. However, here are a few tips to improve essay writing skills:

Pick an effective topic:

A deep insight about the type of essay you are going to produce is important before choosing a topic for essay. Focus has to be on the matter that if a general overview of a topic or a subjective analysis is sought.

If one gets to choose the topic, it is better to opt for a subject that is interesting or relevant. Also, the purpose of the essay must be clear- whether it is to persuade or to inform.

A very engaging topic must be chosen. This can be anything that interests you or something about day-today life. If the essay is to educate, it is always better to choose a topic that you have studied and if the purpose is to persuade, it is better to go for something that you are passionate about.

Prepare an outline of the ideas:

It is very crucial to organize one’s thoughts in a proper manner. By putting the thoughts on paper, it is possible to create connections between the ideas. This forms the basic structure for the essay. Enlisting main ideas and forming an outline for the essay is the best way to organize them. In addition to this, small ideas can also be related to the main structure.

By sorting out the ideas and preparing a framework, it is now important to create a thesis statement.

Body of the Essay:

Each main idea written in the framework has to be described in separate sections within the body of the essay. The basic structure for the whole essay is given by explanations in each paragraph of the body. It can be started by writing one of the primary ideas as the introductory sentence. This is followed by supportive sentences for about few sentences. These can be backed up with suitable examples. Here, smaller ideas can be linked together by providing other relevant information.

Write the introduction to the essay

With the main body in place, now a proper introduction has to be written. This part has to grab the reader’s attention and should power all along the essay. The introduction must convey the focus of the essay to the reader. The content here must be simple, yet engaging.

It is advisable to begin with an attention grabber. This can be any popular quotes, phrases, story or shocking information. The content must be made sure to comprehend with the rest of the essay. It must also tie with the thesis statement, which has to be included in the last sentence of the introduction.

Frame Your Conclusion:

The closure of the topic is done with conclusion and the idea here is to sum up the ideas of the essay by providing the personal perspective.

Final touches:

The conclusion has to be written where the writer’s personal views are expressed. However, this isn’t the end of your essay. A lot of attention has to be paid on small details that enhance the essay.

The foremost thing to review is the order of your paragraphs. The strongest points in the essay have to be placed in the first and last paragraphs of the essay’s body. Also, the proper order should be maintained. This helps in increased coherence and logic in the essay.

Furthermore, a pool of thoughts and ideas can be made, to make a signature style of writing. Flow of the content has to be kept in mind, as it is important to engage the reader along the essay. Also, a proper coherence in the essay reduces the effort of the reader to understand and reshape the thoughts in the essay. These skills can be cultivated only by regular writing and by observing good writings in newspapers, blogs and magazines. Effective communication of one’s thoughts is the key to a good essay. Here, the strength of a writer lies in persuading the readers with thought provoking topics and keep them engaged till the end.