A Guide to Eyewear Styles

Sunglasses and glasses have always been popular fashion accessories, enjoyed as much for their style as they are used a practical necessity. But with so many different types of frame available, it can be tricky to know which one to opt for. In this post, we’ll take a look at five classic frame styles, giving you a head-start when it comes to looking for your next pair.

  • Aviators

Originally designed to protect the eyes of pilots in World War II, aviators filtered into mainstream fashion due to their high performance and classic style. Made particularly famous by the likes of Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise, aviators have adorned the faces of celebrities and featured in blockbuster films for decades, and are always a popular choice on the high street.

Aviators are best suited for those with square faces, and they go particularly well with the smart-casual look. They’re extremely versatile however, so whatever your face shape it’s worth trying them on to see if they work with your own face and personal sense of style. The classic aviators are made by Ray Ban, but you can also find beautiful versions made by the likes of Oliver Peoples or Tom Ford.

  • Round Frames

Round frames have always been a popular choice for iconic celebrities, from musicians to film stars, with perhaps the most famous being John Lennon, who helped propel the style to international popularity.

Although they’re easy to dismiss, round frames are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a versatile set of frames. They’re incredibly flexible, and can be made to look classic, modern, smart or playful. Generally round frames are better suited to those with a square or oval face shape, particularly if those with angular features.

  • Square Frames

Particularly popular in the 50s and 60s, square frames have made something of a comeback in recent years, and are now a popular choice for high-fashion and the high-street alike.

Ideal for both sunglasses and glasses, square frames work brilliantly if you have round features, as they help balance out your face. There are some amazing high-end options available, such as Saint Lauren sunglasses or Tom Ford glasses, but you’ll also find plenty of choice at the lower end of the market too.

Generally they work really well teamed with a look that channels the expensive French Riviera, such as a pair in tortoiseshell with a white polo shirt and beige chinos – the perfect summer outfit for men.

  • Wayfarers

Wayfarers are something of a modern icon when it comes to frames, and are often sported by fashionistas and celebrities alike. The style almost disappeared in the 70s, before being featured in a range of Hollywood movies throughout the 80s, bringing them back to prominence in the eyes of the public.

An incredibly versatile frame style, they work with all kinds of face shapes and pretty much go with anything, making them a must-have staple for your wardrobe.

  • Clubmasters

Another iconic frame style, the Clubmasters feature a curved metal rim and thick upper frame, and are instantly recognizable. Something of a sophisticated twist on the classic Wayfarer, they work really well with a sharp suit or a shirt and tie combination.

They’re really versatile when it comes to face shape, working well on square, heart, oval and round faces – as a result they’re one of the most popular choices among shopper and celebrities. Ray Ban make the most famous Clubmasters, but you can find incredibly stylish options from the likes of Gucci, Oliver Peoples and Tom Ford too.